Sunday, March 27, 2016

Computer Novices: 3 tips to enhance your comfort level as you upgrade to Windows 10.

As a computer novice, there are times when things just don’t go as you expect, however, and this is critical, a little bit of awareness can greatly limit the unpleasant hitches you encounter.  I have seen this first hand as the owner of ChessPDH Computer for the last 18 years, and as a student in the Northwestern Social Media Marketing MOOC, I have selected two articles to help you comfortably complete this daunting task.

In his review for PC Advisor, Matt Egan covers the highlights of the new operating system.  You should be excited to make the upgrade after reading his article, “Windows10 review: It took Microsoft 30 years, but the new Start menu, Edge, browser, apps and Cortana make Windows 10 the best Windows yet.” His feature by feature, review explains the ins and outs of the newest configuration.

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But everything isn’t always all roses.  In his article, “10 reasons you shouldn't upgrade to Windows 10,” for InfoWorld, Woody Leonhard points out some of the major pitfalls that await the uninformed. Just knowing these in advance takes away their potential to cause you headaches down the road.  And although his title is “shouldn’t,” he confides that he did do the upgrade and is quite pleased with it.

Based on the insights offered in these two articles and my 18 years of experience as owner of ChessPDH Computer, here are three actions you can take to avoid any pitfalls on your journey to the new Windows 10.

1)  Watch the video - Windows 10 Preview with Joe Belfiore.  A great reinforcement of Matt Egan’s article.


2)  Just do it - Now that your comfort level is raised, click the icon and sit back and let the upgrade happen.


3)  Have fun - Once you have completed the upgrade, take it in steps, don’t try and learn everything at once - take some ‘fun’ breaks.


As a computer novice in a computer world, following these three action items will help you better take the big step forward that Windows 10 will be for you.

Paul Hirschey is a current student of Integrated Marketing Communications at the Medill School, Northwestern University, through the Social Media Marketing MOOC. He has 18 years industry experience in Computer Sales and Service as the Owner of ChessPDH Computer. Feel free to reach out and connect with Paul on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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